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Photographer and creative director, Suzanne Duncan, has not only worked across the world’s seven continents, but has also had her work published in some of photography’s most important book collections.

Suzanne works across the globe continually moving between Sydney, Los Angeles and New York to capture the perfect picture for countless fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Also works with top modelling agencies including Ford Models NYC. Having exhibited in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

Originally from Newcastle, Australia, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a photographer. Working as a makeup artist and designing photo shoots, she would never receive credit for her work, until one day she decided to learn photography with a private tutor.

After just having two lessons and buying her camera, she was asked to photograph Australian designer Corston Couture’s new collection. Six months after completing her studies, she received her first front page cover Hunter Lifestyle Magazine and since then she has been featured in many magazines.

As an internationally recognized photographer, Suzanne’s work has featured in both Important World Artist and International Masters of Photography. Her international career was launched when her earlier work “Timeless Beauty” was named as a finalist in the coveted ‘Black and White Spider Awards’.

As an artist, Suzanne’s imagination would see her dream up powerful images of strong and inspirational females who have stories to tell and secrets to keep by bringing these images to life by capturing the power, sensuality and vibrancy that all females possess and turn these images into photographic art. Each of Suzanne’s photographs start with a small idea, which she starts developing further by building a unique story behind each subject she photographs. With the desire to create timeless photographs, Suzanne looks to meld her personal photographic touch with new ways of shooting.

Shooting using predominately natural light, Suzanne likes to explore the interplay between black and white and full colour and the effects the colour schemes play on the emotions portrayed through each artwork.

“I like to take photographs which inspire people and which allow them to really get lost in the image and to create their own story around the subject ,” said Suzanne.

 “I come alive when I exhibit and hear people talking about my work and what they think the subject’s story is. I am always interested to hear where my photographs take people as a picture says a thousand words but only stakes seconds to snap,” concluded Suzanne.